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Compilation of Classic TV Footage - Episode 11

Published 2012

Another in my series of videos collecting clips from various public domain television series. This episode is nearly 60-minutes long, and contains footage from all four classic TV networks (NBC, CBS, ABC and DuMont) and one local station (KTTV), plus a total of 9 classic commercials. Please forgive the bad picture quality.

Run time 59 minutes 48 seconds
Producer Matthew Paul Argall
Audio/Visual sound, black and white/color


Excerpt from 1949 episode of "Captain Video and His Video Rangers"
Commercial for Bold Detergent
Excerpt from "Your Hit Parade"
Excerpt from one-off 1957 special "The Edsel Show"
Excerpt from episode of "Rocky King, Detective"
Excerpt from 1961 episode of "As the World Turns"
Commercial for Hotpoint washing machine
Excerpt from 1963 episode of "Watch Mr Wizard"
Commercial for Awake drink
Excerpt from "The Colgate Comedy Hour"
Commercial for Tupperware (from Prelinger Section)
Excerpt from 1961 episode of "The Ed Sullivan Show"
Commercial for Lux luquid (1957?)
Excerpt from 1966 episode of "The Face is Familiar"
Commercial for Clark's teaberry gum
Commercial for Persona Razor
Commercial for Peter Pan peanut butter
Excerpt from "Quick as a Flash"
Commercial for Weatherbird Shoes from "The Pinky Lee Show"
Excerpt from 1950 episode of "The Buster Keaton Show"
Excerpt from 1957 episode of "Date with the Angels"
Commercial for Frigidaire oven
Excerpt from "The Magic Clown"
Commercial/plug for "TV Today"
Excerpt from 1960 episode of "Search for Tomorrow"
Commercial for Ideal dolls (from Prelinger section)
Excerpt from 1953 episode of "Ding Dong School", including plug for sponsor (Kix cereal) and a NBC-TV ident.


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